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Horses were always a part of our family. Initially it were draught horses, currently in our stable there are sport and breeding horses. Each one was different, unique – each taught us something.

Since the late 90' we have started to breed Holsteiner horses. We put much attention to broodmares and their female lines, so that we imported our first mares from Germany. It is a real homeland of the best sport horses in the world. Every breeding is carefully planned. We select the best sires, whose quality is confirmed in the toughest competitions. Each year our young broodmares take part in mare performance tests.


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We are active members of Holsteiner Verband and also Polish Association of Horse Breeders. Therefore we take part in reviews and foal shows and observe stallions shows and approvals - all organized by Holsteiner Verband. We are trying to keep up with the latest breeding and sport trends and as far as it is possible we introduce the best of them to our breeding.

Our dream is to breed horses in modern sport type, with correct conformation, excellent movements and outsanding jumping abilities.

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We know that breeding needs time and patience. Horses teach us humility – there is no shortcut, nothing can be considered done yesterday. Horses require daily effort, regardless of conditions. We gave them our hearts and they pay back. We are very proud of every success, even the smallest.

                                                                                                                                             Family Kosicki


Hodowla Koni Holsztyńskich Kosicki - Róża
Ryszard Kosicki, Roma Kosicka-Kaźmierczak
Róża 39
64-300 Nowy Tomyśl

Tel. kom. 0048 609 443 596 Ryszard (polski)
Tel. kom. 0048 603 974 976 Roma (polski / niemiecki / angielski)

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