(Clinton - Calato - Caletto I - Marlon XX), Stamm 1947

Granddam is full sister to approved stallion Cambridge. In foal for 2020: EMERALD.

Color: brown,
Date of birth: 2007,
Height: 164 cm


In foal for 2020: EMERALD.  

ZARIN is by famous, valued stallion Clinton (Corrado I – Masetto) which also was a successfull sportstman with his rider – Dirk Demmersmann. Her dam Coralie (Calato- Calletto I) is a daughter of full sister to approved stallion Cambridge.

Zarin is a mare with extraordinary jumping capabilities.

So far siÄ™ gave birth to foals : Colt Easter for Ever (by Ephebe for Ever), Filly Feliz Fabienne (by Cassini II), Colt Colosos (by Cassini II), Holly Rose (by Kannan), Indiana Rose (by Kannan) and Kerry Rose (by Cornet Obolensky) . Kerry Rose came third during The First Foal championship in Roza (Poland 21.06.2017)

Stamm 1947 produced so far such horses as Cambridge, Clintord I and II, Quick Dancer I, II, III ,Mighty Magic and others.







ZARIN Clinton Corrado I Cor de la Bryere
Urte Masetto
Coralie Calato Capitol I
Vanesse III
Fanny Caletto I